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A small paragraph (or more) about myself

I started “coding” when I was ~12 years old. I remember my first piece of code was a simple html file, don’t say that html is not programming, I know that now, but for 12-year-old me, seeing the text I wrote on notepad getting transformed to tables and images on the browser was the closest I’ve been to programming. I remember I wrote a simple html file where I used almost every remark html had and I was so happy when I saw it on the browser.

In High School I started studying programming “for real”. We learned Java and I loved it. 

Later we started working on a “Fire Fighting Robot”, written entirely in Assembly for an Intel x86 board. The robot was built for a competition that took place mid senior year. We took the first place in the national competition and the 7th in the world competition!
That was the first time I got to touch my code. The robot was pretty cool, we worked in groups of 3. This project taught me a lot about programming, but more about working in teams.

The Eng. degree was pretty tough on me, I never liked all the algorithms, theories and maths behind programming. I understood what we studied but that just wasn’t for me. I think that’s what made me choose Software Engineering over Computer Science.

Today I work mainly on C#, but I’ve worked with C++, Python, Angular, Java, VB and more. I’ve even worked sometimes in data centers, crawling my ass through the racks and (dis)connecting / marking / cutting cables and configuring virtual servers. My job is very hybrid and I love that I have a broad variety of options.

You probably already guessed but my native language is not English. I decided to write this blog in English in order to reach more people, comments in Hebrew and Spanish are welcomed as well 🙂 (other languages too, but I’ll need to use Google Translate on them)


That’s a short summary of me, now let’s get down to business. Let’s talk WIFM (What’s In It For Me); after years of programming in a great company with many challenges, co-workers of all ages and kinds, I think I’ve gained (and continue to gain) some knowledge to be shared.

I intend to share with you some of the best practices of code sharing and development I’ve been witness of, how to approach a task given to you, how to see the big picture, how to fail successfully and more.

All of what I’ll write is obviously seen from my perspective and can be very wrong. But that’s what blogs are all about, I think. I’ll write a post and let you comment on it, I hope to learn from your comments as much as I can.

You might see manuals and tutorials here on things that took me a while to understand but somehow everybody on the internet think it’s obvious. I might tell stories about how I’ve failed and learn from it. I’ll write posts about things that interest me. Actually, I don’t know exactly what I’ll write through the years (years), I just know I’ll enjoy it and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

A little thank-you paragraph

I want to thank Jeremy Bytes ( that, after hearing his talk about Dependency Injection and sitting to talk to him, I got interested in starting my own blog and, perhaps in the future, talks.

I asked him how he started making his blog, and he explained it to me like it was a very easy thing to do. He told me he just wanted to get people up to his level, he knew he wasn’t the strongest of the developers, but he knew there are people “weaker” than him that will benefit from his blog. Seeing it that way, I’m sure I too can contribute to our community as well.

I hope you enjoy reading this at least a tenth of what I enjoy writing it.

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