Meat and Kiss

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Same as when coding, always try to KISS everything you do (Keep It Simple and Stupid).

In this post I’ll talk about another thing I love to do (besides coding) – Cooking!

This blog will not only talk about code and development, but also about food. Some posts will contain even recipes!
In this post I’ll talk about cooking meat, the Argentine way.

Proper Argentinian Parrila

BBQ in Argentina is called Asado. In short, you take meat and cook it over charcoal (doesn’t sound special). The secret is to be very patient and cook the meat over hot charcoal and not over fire (like many do here in Israel).

The Asado is made in a Parrilla. Mostly built with bricks and a moving net (to adjust the amount of heat you food gets)

The Parrilla you see in the picture is mine :-). The net’s shape is a triangle so the fat doesn’t fall into de charcoal but get drained. Letting the fat fall directly to the charcoal will initiate little/big fires, ruining the patient we had. In the net shown in the picture you can see Chorizos, Tira de Asado (Strip Roast), Vacio (Flank) and Molleja (Sweetbread).

Chorizos are like sausages but fatter. They are eaten mostly in a sandwich with Chimichurri.

Tira de Asado comes with bones. The recommendation is to cook them bone down firstly, and only when they are mostly done, turn the upside down.

Vacio can be done as a whole or in steaks. Either way, don’t let it dry!

Molleja is better if you let it rest in lemon for 1-2 hours before putting it in the Parrilla.


I think you should try to make everything you do as simple as possible. This way it can be duplicated, revised, fixed and changed easily.

For example, when cooking meat. I only add kosher salt to it. I Add the salt immediately when putting it on the net.
The meat is good enough by itself! There is no need to add spices. Furthermore, I think spices will just hide the meat’s taste and that’s a shame.
Adding salt to the meat near cooking will enhance its flavor.
If you think you need to add spices to your meat for it to taste good, you need to change your butcher.

Try it! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

If you are making a BBQ, let the charcoal some time to ignite and don’t use any artificial lighters. We use carton egg boxes and newspapers to light the charcoal, this takes about half an hour and only after the charcoal is red-white (not flaming) we put the meat. The net is about 30-40 cm from the charcoal at the beginning, not too close to the charcoal, not too far away.

In next posts I’ll talk about Sous-Vide cooking, Picada and more!


P.S: You can cook Tira De Asado inside your house, in a Plancha grill:

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